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  • Asana Practice & Techniques | 75 hours
  • Meditation & Pranayama | 20 hours
  • Yoga Philosophy & Sacred Texts | 30 hours
  • Teaching Methodology | 25 hours
  • Anatomy & Physiology | 20 hours
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics | 20 hours
  • Practicum & Teaching Practice | 10 hours
  • A Balance Of Yoga, Adventure And Relaxation.

    Yoga Training Overview

    We offers unparalleled training in the sacred arts of asana, breathwork and meditation, with professional and respected teachers.

    Asana Practice and Techniques | 75 hours

    Exploration of advanced postures, broken down anatomically. Focusing on transitions, modifications, and proper alignment to avoid injuries. Deepening understanding of the biomechanics of postures.

    Meditation and Pranayama | 20 hours

    Study and practice of advanced breathing exercises. Techniques to guide advanced meditation sessions. Understanding the neurophysiological aspects of meditation. Understanding the Balance in Breath, Bliss in Silence concept.

    Yoga Philosophy & Sacred Texts | 30 hours

    Discover Words of the Wise and Pathways to the Self. In-depth exploration of the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, and other classical texts. Discussion sessions on interpreting ancient wisdom in modern contexts.

    Teaching Methodology | 25 hours

    Enhancing cueing, adjusting, and sequencing skills. Crafting diverse and specialized class sequences (e.g., for injuries, specific age group and demand). Role-playing and peer teaching for hands-on experience.

    Anatomy and Physiology | 20 hours

    Understanding the blueprint of movement where modern and yogic science meet Understanding muscular and skeletal variations in asana. Injury prevention and working with common injuries in a yoga setting. The science behind stretching, strength, and mobility in the human body.

    Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, and Ethics | 20 hours

    Exploring the ethical dimensions of teaching yoga. Handling challenging situations in classes. Business skills, from marketing to studio management. Exploring Yoga's Hidden Layers Raja Yoga, Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga in the office Exploring therapeutic yoga applications. Understanding props and their advanced uses.

    Practicum and Teaching Practice | 10 hours

    Where Theory Meets Therapy, Guiding with Grace Real-world teaching experience, from class planning to execution. Receiving feedback from mentors and co-teacher. Observing senior instructors and reflecting on their techniques. Gain confidence and refine your teaching style under the guidance of experienced Sakshi Bhava Yoga team.

    Unveil Inner Harmony, Embrace Yoga's Grace: A Journey Within

    Teacher Training Course Outline

    The goal of this course is to help you master your body, mind and clarify your life’s purpose so that you can reach the next level of vitality, success & happiness in your life and from an authentic place of inner balance share the gift of yoga with others.

    • Advanced Anatomy & Physiology

      A deeper understanding of the human body, its systems, and their relationship to yoga
    • Asana

      Detailed study of advanced postures, their alignment, modifications, benefits and precautions
    • Pranayama

      Advanced breathing techniques for cultivating mental stillness, and a clear and calm mind
    • Meditation

      introduction to 11 different kinds of meditation, helping to Awaken the Guru Within
    • Yoga Philosophy

      Study of ancient key texts the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Upanishads
    • Teaching Methodology

      Advanced techniques to teach, assist, and modify postures as needed
    • Hands-on Adjustments

      How to safely guide students deeper into postures
    • Mantras & Chanting

      Expanding knowledge of sacred chants and their importance and healing effect on the human body
    • Mudra & Bandha

      Energetic seals and locks used in advanced practices to create harmony & balance
    • Sequencing

      Crafting classes for different levels of students, including therapeutic sequences
    • Yogic Diet & Lifestyle

      A more profound look into the Ayurvedic principles and maintaining a holistic balanced lifestyle
    • Ethics for Yoga Teachers

      Deepening the understanding of the responsibility and power dynamics in a teaching setting
    • Study of the Subtle Body

      Exploring chakras, nadis, and the energy systems in yoga
    • Teaching Practicum

      Real-world teaching experience to hone skills
    • Workshops

      Yoga for lower back pain, prenatal yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, etc
    • Study of Sanskrit

      Understanding the ancient language, its pronunciation, and its relevance in yoga
    • Business of Yoga

      Advanced strategies for marketing, operating a studio, or growing personal brand.
    • Therapeutic Applications

      Using yoga as a healing modality for various health topics
    • Advanced Study Groups

      Dive deeper into specific topics of interest in smaller groups on specific topics
    • Guest Lecturers & Workshops

      Meet local yogis and a Himalayan yoga master
    • Self-Study & Reflection

      Personal time for journaling and processing
    • Kriyas

      Sat kriyas cleansing techniques in traditional yogic practices
    • Feedback Sessions

      Constructive criticism sessions to help refine teaching techniques
    • Cultural Context

      Understanding the roots and history of yoga and its evolution over time

    For this process of self-awareness, the practice of meditation is one of the key tools to help harmonize the mind and tap into the potential of higher consciousness. In our retreats and trainings we provide daily meditation and breathwork sessions, to give you more access to your inner journey.