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Explore the essence of yoga with himalayan yogies.


Make rigorous transformations in lifestyle.


Treaks, surfing, wildlife tour, ancient towns.


Become a certified yoga teacher internationally.

Accommodation with Beautiful Views in Tuscany

Enjoy comfortable and charming accommodations overlooking Tuscany's breathtaking landscapes. 

  • Spectacular location in Tuscany
  • Beautiful view of mountain 
  • Organic food based on yogic diet
  • Clean and well-maintained rooms 
  • Excellent service and friendly staff
  • Free WiFi 
300 Hours yoga teacher training

Yoga & Adventure

Experience Tuscany With Us

Beyond yoga, immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Tuscany. From vineyard tours and cultural excursions to leisurely walks through historic towns, every moment offers a chance to connect with the essence of this picturesque region. Embrace the harmony of nature and mindfulness as you deepen your yoga practice in this idyllic setting. 


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What Our Students Say

200 Hour YTTC | India | 2019

Rishikesh, India

I started taking classes in 2019 and then decided to attend the YTT in India. I had never thought of teaching yoga myself, so I wasn’t sure why at first, but something in me told me I had to go. This teacher training completely enhanced my personal practice and the way I think. We spent our days in a Traditional Ashram, learning all aspects of yoga, with dedicated and experienced teachers. We also went on adventures up in the mountains, and hiked up to the tallest temples...

Anna Silaghi


200 Hour YTTC | India | 2017

Rishikesh, India

I was fortunate enough to go to teacher training in Rishikesh. Amit has such a welcoming vibe and lives a very inspiring life and has inspired me with my own life, practice and as a yoga teacher. Words cannot really express how much my yoga teacher training has meant to me, but I’ll try to give you some details of what to expect. First, Rishikesh in November is absolutely beautiful. Once you arrive you’ll stay in an Ashram along the Ganges River...

Theo Vaughan


200 Hour YTTC | India | 2018

Rishikesh, India

My teacher training experience at Sakshi Bhava Yoga was something absolutely extraordinary and forever life changing. It wasn’t about just getting the training but instead learning the core of Yoga and what it truly does for the mind body and soul. Anyone could complete the training and physically teach yoga but not everyone is able to fully embody the true meaning of Yoga and be able to bring it to people all around you...

Jaqueline Ovanesyan


200 Hour YTTC | India | 2018

Rishikesh, India

I've had an empowering yoga teacher training experience at Sakshi Bhava Yoga Studio. It is a unique opportunity to deepen your yoga practice with Himalayan masters. I liked a well-balanced and engaging course, personal approach and a great group students, who became my friends.

Yuliya Piatrenka


Our Team Of Experts

The program is led by world class Masters with over 20 years of teaching experience. Our passionate yoga instructors bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and a genuine commitment to guide your journey.

Yoga House

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites for joining the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Italy?

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Italy is open to practitioners of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, our program is designed to accommodate and challenge you appropriately.

Where is the yoga teacher training located in Italy?

Our training is held in the breathtaking region of Tuscany, Italy. This location offers stunning views, tranquil surroundings, and a perfect setting for an immersive yoga experience.

What is included in the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Tuscany?

The program includes accommodation, daily yoga classes, meals, study materials, excursions, and Yoga Alliance certification upon completion. Additional optional activities and services may be available.

What type of accommodation is provided during the yoga teacher training in Tuscany?

Participants will stay in beautiful, comfortable accommodations with picturesque views of Tuscany's rolling hills and vineyards. The serene environment is ideal for relaxation and focus.

Is the Yoga Alliance certification recognized worldwide?

Yes, the Yoga Alliance certification you receive upon completing our training is recognized globally, allowing you to teach yoga internationally with confidence.

What styles of yoga will be taught during the training?

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Italy covers a variety of styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga. The curriculum also includes meditation, pranayama, and yoga philosophy.

How do I get to the training location in Tuscany?

Detailed travel information will be provided upon registration. Tuscany is accessible via major airports in Italy, with options for transfers to our training venue.

What should I bring to the yoga teacher training in Italy?

We recommend bringing comfortable yoga clothing, a yoga mat, personal toiletries, a journal, and any personal items you may need. A detailed packing list will be provided upon registration.

Are meals included in the yoga teacher training program?

Yes, the program includes daily meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Our menu caters to various dietary preferences and is designed to nourish your body and mind.

Can I explore Tuscany during the training?

Absolutely! Our program includes scheduled excursions to explore the beautiful region of Tuscany. You will have opportunities to visit local attractions, enjoy nature walks, and experience the local culture.

What is the daily schedule like during the yoga teacher training?

The daily schedule includes morning and evening yoga sessions, lectures, workshops, and free time for personal practice and relaxation. A detailed schedule will be provided upon arrival.

How can I register for the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Italy?

You can register for our training program by visiting our website and completing the online registration form. Early registration is recommended to secure your spot.

What if I need to cancel my registration?

Our cancellation policy is detailed on our website. Please review the terms and conditions for information on refunds and rescheduling options.

Will I receive support after completing the training?

Yes, we offer ongoing support to our graduates, including access to a community of alumni, teaching resources, and opportunities for continued education and mentorship.
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Why Choose Us?

World class teachers/Master over 20 years of teaching experience (from Himalayas, India) Our program is led by experienced & passionate yoga instructors who bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, & a genuine commitment to guiding your journey. 

Yoga House offers a well-rounded curriculum that covers not only asana practice & teaching methodology but also delves into yoga philosophy, anatomy, meditation, & more, providing you with a holistic understanding of yoga. 

With limited enrollment, our small class sizes ensure personalized attention, allowing you to receive individualized feedback, guidance, & support throughout your training.. 

Our program places a strong emphasis on hands-on teaching practice, giving you ample opportunities to lead classes, receive constructive feedback, & build the confidence required to become an effective yoga instructor. 

Join a vibrant community of fellow yogis who share your passion & enthusiasm. Connect, exchange ideas, & foster relationships that extend beyond the duration of the program.